1. Dame un manazo por protnugena, Cynthia dice que bolaz peludaz de Luis, dice luis que hola, Ata quiere conocerte para que la acoses me pidio que te pasara su blog, ahi la buscas en mi lista de seguidores, tmb a luis lo tengo agregado.Por cierto, no estoy ebria.Pd: bolaz, i hate youXD eres emo gay

  2. That’s a creative answer to a difficult question

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  4. Oh Lindsey my heart goes out to you guys and your little one on the way. God knows this child and has knit him in your womb for a purpose. Joining you and others in praying for a miracle that we know God can do, but HE will use this little man to bring Glory to him and draw others closer to Him no matter what. This sweet miracle is already touching peoples lives and hearts. Prayers continually being lifted up for you and strength for the journey!

  5. I would choose the grey bauble necklace. I have been unemployed and hope to get back to work soon and this would be a perfect necklace to look lovey for work or my interviews.

  6. sorry, i'm late for lunch again …u say: "pumpkin with dashi and pumpkin soup, the only ways I cook pumpkin."really? no pumpkin pies, breads, squares or cookies? no whipping them up or pureeing them with leeks and shallots and serving them instead of potatoes? no shredding them and combining them with potatoes for pancakes?not even roasted with maple syrup, brown sugar or honey? do you really mena to tell us that you're not pumpkin and cinnamon ravioli and serivng them with lamb chops?r u sure about that?

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